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Local Ambassador Program - 2019


Job Profile: IEDP-Local Ambassador Program (Travel Internship in India)


Job ID: AI-CR-2019-20


Job description:


This program aims at empowering youth of the developed world to work alongside Active Internationals towards its vision of bridging – social, economical and cultural gap. We invite young individuals, professionals, mature students, freelancers and all those people, who always wanted to do something different, meaningful and gratifying.


1.1 Who is eligible to apply?:


  • Only for candidates studying or working in the U.S, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Norway, Sweden.

  • Citizenship: You should be a permanent citizen of the country you are representing, or should have a valid visa to work in that country for minimum of two years from the date of your induction into the Local Ambassador Program

  • Age: Minimum- 21 years / Maximum- 35 years

  • Education: Minimum a Graduate from a recognized university.

  • Language: Must know the local language of the country being represented. Must know English

  • Only travel internship India enthusiasts

  • Candidates who are willing to take work abroad programs out of India


1.2 The role broadly involves the following activities:


  • Country/Region Representation: Being an ambassador of Active Internationals in your country/region, you will be extending our presence in your country. It will be a very fulfilling activity, since you will be promoting Social Change in India through Responsible tourism and related activities. Predominantly being engaged with youth of your country, this will be one of the most important areas of the responsibility bestowed to you.

  • Local Liaison: You will have to create good rapport and liaison with students, student communities, student unions, clubs, societies etc. The role is to be engaged and involved with the right audience.

  • Promotion: Promote the activities and events of Active Internationals. Take initiatives to spread the word and increase the audience for Active Internationals by word of mouth, social networking, telephonic interactions, emails and other similar mediums.

  • Sales: With all the networking and promotional activities, generating sales of various youth friendly travel programs available with Active Internationals becomes an important aspect of the role. This involves facilitating the potential audience with all relevant and important information.

  • Fair and Event Participation: The staff of Active Internationals regularly participates in fairs and event internationally. If the team is participating in your country, you will be invited to support the team, and will be handed over the responsibility of catering to the post event requirements of the organizations and people engaged during the event.

  • Extending Network: We would love you to lead from front and take initiatives to extend your team and network. You are welcome to add more members to your team if you like and we can empower you to train them and provide them with all necessary knowledge about our organization.


1.3 The above responsibilities will involve the role of the following skills:


  • Networking: A skill very much in demand in service industry, which involves the ability of a person to form professional ties with people and constantly create new acquaintances. It also involves sustaining these acquaintances and utilizing the network for professional growth.

  • Presentation Skills: Public speaking and presentations are an imperative part of marketing activities. Addressing student groups and other interested audience will be a regular feature of the role.

  • Online Promotions: Active Internationals is present on all popular social networking platforms. We invite our ambassadors to extent our online reach and add more and more interested audience for online engagement.

  • Customer Service: Social Change Travel is a part of the larger travel industry, which in itself is a service industry. Here, we are not only servicing our clients, but servicing the communities that we are working with. Customer service skills comprise of specific characteristics, which are usually developed by experience. ‘Service no’, ‘handling irate customers’, ‘listening skills’, ‘clear conversations’, ‘empathy’ are major contributors to this skill.

  • Consultative Selling: Social Change Travel being a very recent concept does not have a very educated audience. The ambassador will have to educate the audience through presentation and service skills, but will have to understand the audience’s perspective to suggest the best possible option suitable to their choice, nature and abilities.

  • Liaison: It is a very useful networking skill, which involves getting the right references and right connections. This skill comes in handy to speed up appointments and getting hold of the best possible connection in various areas of working is a part of travel internship India.


1.4 Nature of the Job


The role is home or office based according to the availability of resources at your end. It is of a freelancing nature and involves a conditionally renewable contract of ONE year. It covers the responsibilities listed and explained in Article 1.3, and entrusts in you the delivery of these responsibilities with full honesty and enthusiasm. Initial part of the role will involve an online training from Active Internationals through various methods. On the successful completion of training, you will be provided with necessary information kit, promotional material and an official email Id. The role expects presentation and interaction sessions with the relevant audience which will comprise of young travel and social change enthusiasts. It also involves creating personal events through various platforms as suggested by Active Internationals.


The role involves mild to extensive travel depending upon your initiatives and growth of network. There are also opportunities to travel to India for further training.


1.5 Benefits of the Local Ambassador Program


As the name suggests this program is to open avenues for young professionals to learn and develop their skills in the field of volunteering, academic travel programs and cultural exchange. They are given an opportunity to promote a fresh concept of Social Change Travel in their country and become solely responsible for the sales and opportunities generated.


  • Travel Opportunities: There is a possibility to travel to India for training and development programs. Sometimes based on the performance, our ambassadors are invited to India as an incentive of this work abroad programs.

  • Professional Trainings: Active Internationals conducts a lot of training and support activities for our Ambassadors. These are very useful for them in their professional and personal growth.

  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Starting as a Local Ambassador, one can grow to be an entrepreneur and start own brand with the experience gained. The wide network developed during the period of being an Ambassador and the trainings received will allow an individual to develop into a full time entrepreneur.

  • Recognition as Youth Mascot for – Social Change Programs: Social Change Programs are highly valued in the travel market both morally and emotionally. These programs have the least carbon footprint and have the highest levels of satisfaction for all travelers. Being a part of this movement is a reward in itself and being identified as its “Mascot” is an honor.

  • Academically Rewarding: For mature students and people interested in academic development through hands-on experience this is a new way of promoting travel, and the new way of travelling in itself. Understanding a different culture through the very grass-root is the uniqueness of this program.


To apply for the position, kindly send your interest and CV on:

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