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  • Most of the social projects lack resources as they work for charity and they are always dependent on external support they can get through volunteer abroad participants, multi-national companies and government.

  • With the lack of resources and funding, it becomes very difficult for the projects to support volunteers with accommodation and meals.

  • By volunteering at a project, the project surely gets benefited with the help of volunteers but the question is, does the volunteer get benefited?

Participant on Active Internationals' work abroad program get a professional support and services to ensure a successful volunteer abroad program for you and this is all about volunteering.


  • Airport pick-up and transfers

  • Accommodation with fellow participants

  • All meals (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

  • Workshops & Orientation during work abroad program

  • Pre-departure and Post-arrival information support

  • Weekend trips with co-participants

  • Resource material and weekly meetings, etc.


Where does your money go? Apart from the above mentioned services, our projects team with years of experience ensures:

  • That your volunteer abroad program turns out to be the most successful one in terms of satisfaction and you own personal development.

  • That with a lot of culture exchange workshops, international friends and your accommodation and meals taken care for, you enjoy this program.

  • That you work at your preferred project along and get to utilize your skills.

  • That you get 24 hours support. 


Can I volunteer without paying? We receive this question from interested participants quite often. The answer is, YES, free volunteer abroad is very much possible!

  • There are a large number of social projects that need support and they will be happy to offer you a free volunteer abroad in India and recruit you at the project. Since, these projects majorly do social services; you therefore have to organize for your own accommodation, food, translator, daily transfers, etc. in most of the cases.

  • Challenges with free volunteer abroad option & you have to decide what is more fulfilling for you.

                                 - Are there are other volunteer at the project to help and support you?

                                 - Is there someone to help you with language translation?

                                 - The accommodation and meals are hygienic and acceptable?(if offered)

                                 - That you get assigned important role at the project rather than just a support?

                                 - That you get assurance of help and assistance in case of emergency?

How to raise funds for my Volunteer abroad program? Another question and we have some information!

  • Volunteer abroad programs are like an investment for a brighter future and culture competency. And like every investment, we need to put some funds in. 

  • Majority of participants on our Volunteer abroad programs either self-sponsor this program or seek support from their college/universities. 

  • Crow funding is one of the most popular ways of getting a sponsored Volunteer abroad program these days. Approach your family and friends, share your intentions and goals and the chances of support are at its best if you try enough until you get someone to fund your program.

  • Planning is very important especially if you have just turned 18. Plan your volunteer abroad India program well in advance and start saving to ensure you reach your goal within the given time.

  • Click to know all about volunteering with active Internationals

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