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  • What is Volunteering ?


We will answer all your volunteer questions here. Volunteering is when someone (by choice) offer his / her help to do something selflessly. If you volunteer to do something, then you would not expect anything in return either personally or financially. What is volunteering for social cause? This is another popular volunteer question. Volunteering for social cause means volunteer for helping the community or person who cannot afford paid help. 


  • Is India safe ?​


This is among very common volunteer questions. Please note; India is a safe country just like any other country in the world. Tourists do attract attention and out of their innocence fall prey of thugs. It is advisable not to carry very expensive gadgets with you. For females, it is advisable not to wear relieving clothes in Public. Keep emergency contacts always handy and follow your coordinator’s instructions of health and safety.


  • How to Volunteer ?


How to volunteer is usually you choice. The most popular way to become a volunteer is to understand the needs and requirement of the community that you wish to help and then devoting you time and skills to make things better. Unlike donations and funding a project, our volunteers help the needy projects and communities by giving their time and helping them with awareness, teaching, nursing, caring.


  • How do I dress up like a traveller to India ?​


Dressing up in India, is very season and location specific. Wearing loosely fitted cotton clothes that cover most part of your body are suggested. It is advisable for females to be decently dressed. This not only protects one from the climate but also from the mosquitoes. Check for specific dress codes during events, religions places/rituals from volunteer community in the hostel or with our executive.


  • Is there any specific eligibility to do volunteer in India ?​


To do the volunteer work with ACTIVE Internationals in India, you must be an adult of 18 or above 18 years of age. Willingness to serve the community in need is also required by your side & nothing else.


  • What kind of Visa would I need to come to India ?​


This is a very important volunteer questions. Different activities call for different Visas. Tourist Visa is predominantly applicable for all activities, apart from:

-  An internship of more than 6 months where a work Visa is required

- Business meetings, exhibitions and conferences require Business Visa


  • Can I combine two or more programs of yours ?​


Yes, you can. In certain case, where there are date specific programs, we will have to work out a plan for you. Else all activities can be availed in any order and combination of your choice.


  • How much spare money should I carry with me ?​


It is advisable not to carry too much cash. Many outlets accept plastic money and conversion is easy and quick in India. For your daily needs, keep around INR 15000 with you.


  • Will I be received at the airport ?​


All our programs have an airport pick-up facility. Some program might require a pick-up booking before arrival (check itinerary).


You will be received by a representative from our team with a placard of our logo and not your specific names till the time specifically mentioned. All program itineraries will have the airport gate instructions to follow.


  • I want to book myself for your program, will there be other participants ?​


We have different programs, which are either group booking only or can be a heterogeneous group through individual bookings. Single booking in a group only program is not possible. For individual bookings, you can have from two companions to a maximum of twenty.


  • Will I have an interpreter ?​


Most of our staff is fluent at English and in mixed groups we prefer English. If you still need an interpreter, it can be arranged at an additional price. We can also arrange for English classes for you to learn Basic English. Besides this basics of Hindi are taught to you and if you wish to learn it further it can be arranged at an extra price.


  • I went through your website and found out this term “Corpus Fund”. Kindly explain what it is ?​


Our volunteering programs and all programs that have elements of volunteering contain a special provision of corpus fund. A percentage of the money paid by our customers for their program is equaled by our contribution and is channelized for development activities through credible NGOs. This money is called as Corpus Fund.


  • Who will take care of me if I got sick in India, I have heard about seasonal fever & dengue ?​


Don`t worry at all. TeamActive will assist you to get the best medical facilities. We have Doctor on call facility & the details of nearest hospitals for quick assistance.


  • What kind of medical checks & vaccinations I must ensure to have before leaving my country ?​


A general health check-up is good for you, before coming on Volunteering in India. The vaccinations are not really required, but if you want to ensure you can suggest to your doctors. There will be special announcements and information if a season/program/location needs a specific vaccination. Also it is good to check with other members of voluteer community before you arrive in India.


  • What if I want to come with my family or in a group? Is there any fee concession for that​


If you are planning to make a memorable trip with your family & friends, you can send your inquiry by the Sending Organization, or by yourself on clearly stating all the requirements and we can come back with the best possible and pocket friendly trip.


  • What documents & other stuff should I carry with me ?​


You need to have your Passport, Travel VISA, Contact details of your Parents/Guardian/Partners.In addition you can have Insurance, Traveler Cheques, Additional Money, Multiple Copies of Passport & VISA.To make your Volunteer trip memorable you can keep your Camera, tablet PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone etc. to keep & take the memories with you.


  • I want to come for your work and travel program. What all will be provided to me by you or the employers ?​


Every work opportunity has different sets of Job Descriptions and emoluments. While applying for the position kindly go through the specific details for the facilities and emoluments provided by the employer. In case of any ambiguity send your email on –


  • I am travelling with kids. Kindly suggest what kind of arrangements can be done for keeping them engaged ?


We ensure that people travelling with kids face minimum problems in finding child friendly activities. Before sharing the program for such customers, we always welcome a conversation to know their requirements closely. This allows us to create a highly customized and suitable travel offer for them.


  • What if I wish to extend my volunteer program ?​


We welcome extensions on prior notice for – Volunteer and Work and Travel Programs. We would recommend that you let us know a little in advance and make your travel arrangements accordingly.


  • Do you recommend or provide any travel insurance ?​


We have guests from all over the world, and keeping a database of insurance rules of all these countries is not possible for us. Thus we recommend all our guests to seek professional help in their home countries.

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