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Being a volunteer in India needs sheer commitment. India calls energetic and dedicated career break participants from all around the world to be a part of this life changing experience for both themselves and the communities they work with. India is a developing nation, with the world’s second largest population and around 35% of the population living below poverty line. Further, understanding the demographics of the country, around 30% of India’s population lives in urban centers whereas the rest of 70% in the countryside. Volunteering in India is becoming one of the most sought after travel choice in the new millennium. Volunteer programs coupled with travel, and that fits your budget is just a perfect opportunity to avail. Our volunteer abroad programs are based on the foundations of – Educate, Care, Empower, Conserve and Preserve, which encompass almost all areas of social service.


Gateway into a country like India is what volunteering is all about. Being a developing country India has huge scope of volunteer opportunities for career break participants. Active Internationals, with all its research and experience has developed a robust and sustainable volunteering regime. We have teamed up with credible social organizations which ensure the sustainability of the programs, even if the volunteers are not there to serve. A path-breaking policy of corpus funds gives direct monetary support to our partnering social organizations. 


We are a maverick in volunteer in India & do it the way it should be done. What adds to our programs are the elements of sustainable, noticeable and permanent positive changes in the lives of the beneficiaries. Simply put, our livelihood is in creating their livelihood by making our volunteers a part of this endeavor. We are very strict on the quality, funding and sustainability of the program and keep a strong vigil on the progress of any activity.

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Volunteer program comes under our Volunteer Abroad programs. It is meant especially for volunteer who wish to relax and spend some free time rather than travelling to other cities during the weekends after a week of Volunteering in India. It is a recommended Volunteer abroad program for volunteers who are booked on short Volunteer in India program. 


This program allows career break participants to not only spending some quality time with your friends and other volunteers but also to explore hundreds of off-beat places within the city.

Jaipur is a very touristy spot and many engagement activities are available. It is a very literate city and people are full of warmth and kindness. It is growing at a very fast pace which is causing a immense pressure on its infrastructure. This gives rise to the need of social activities for relieving the city of the growing pressure. The deprived community, minorities and animals are the biggest sufferers. Volunteering activities by Active Internationals is a small yet significant initiative in this direction. With numbers of volunteer opportunities, you are invited to be a part of it.


A volunteering program comes along with full-board shared accommodation, loads of culturally enriching activities, material for carrying out the volunteering activities and a dedicated staff support for the successful completion of the program. We have seen a lot of Universities and High Schools Teaming up with us, and sending students for GAP YEAR programs. This program is really suitable for people looking for Au-Pair and GAP YEAR opportunities.


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Acive_Internationals_Taj Mahal_Agra_Inte

Volunteer and Travel in India comes under our Volunteer Abroad programs. It is meant especially for volunteer who wish to explore and experience new destinations while volunteering in India. It is a recommended Volunteer abroad program for volunteers who are booked on both short and long Volunteer in India program. 


This program allows career break participants to not only spending some quality time with your friends and other volunteers but also to explore hundreds of off-beat places within the city.


In the laps of Himalayas, on the calm beaches, at the sand dunes, in the wilderness, in a group of people, on a camel, in the back waters, at the Ghat of river Ganges – India never runs out on what it has to offer. The immense variety of activities allows our programs to fit into a variety of customer’s tastes. Learning comes along all the way in the trip, and stirs the imagination of the participant. Variety of locations, activities, seasons, cuisines, cultures and languages just make this program a great dose of experience. Explore numbers of volunteer opportunities in India.


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Learn Hindi

Volunteer and Learn Hindi program comes under our Volunteer Abroad programs. Learning a new language while you volunteer is always a good option as it allows you to start practicing your language skills from the first day of work. Hindi language has become quite popular among youth travellers as it offers more exchange opportunities than anything else does. It is a recommended Volunteer abroad program for volunteers who are booked on both long and short Volunteer in India program. 


​A language imbibes the feel of the era and tradition through which it travels. Language has a big heart and it is a key to the development of personality. Not only Hindi, but you can also choose to learn another age old language of India - Sanskrit.


Being a developing country, everything about India including Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian movies, music are widely accepted across the world. It is a wonderful opportunity for volunteers in India to learn the local language and utilize their skills while they work at the project. Not only this gives a great satisfaction to the career break participants but also helps bridging language barrier.


Knowledge of Hindi or Sanskrit also adds a lot of weightage in the resume of fresh graduates when they look for their first jobs that demands for language proficiency in multiple languages. 


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Learn English

Volunteer and Learn English in India program comes under our Volunteer Abroad programs. Learning a new language while volunteering is a good option for participants who wish to learn English. India is the largest English speaking community and learning English in India cost less than a half in comparison to any other English speaking counties in the world. It is a recommended Volunteer abroad program for volunteers who are booked on both, long and short Volunteer in India programs and opportunities.


​English is the official language in majority of the countries. As per the estimate, the number of people using English as a daily language of communication is close to 2 billion. There is a great utility of English in modern world. 


English not only remains a major medium of instruction in schools but also is the most common language used professionally in public and private sectors and having good English language skills and communication is mandatory for most of the jobs in Multinational companies. 


Our Volunteer and Learn English program is the most suited Volunteer Abroad program in India for career break participants who wish to enhance their English skills while volunteering in India. 


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Learn Yoga

Volunteer and Learn Yoga in India comes under our Volunteer Abroad programs. Yoga is language that unites the world. Learning Yoga while volunteering in India is one the best ways to get under the skin of Indian culture. It is a recommended Volunteer abroad program for volunteers who are booked on either short or long Volunteer in India program.


​Yoga is the most important practice for all age groups. It helps to live healthy life style and better life forever.  Yoga is an ancient art which was originated in India around six thousand years ago. Over the years, the popularity of Yoga for living a healthy life not increased only in India but in the rest of the world where people from all communities and countries are now more keen and confident about the benefits of Yoga. 


Yoga is the most important and precious gift given by the nature from ancient time to get connected throughout the life with nature. It helps a person to get higher level of consciousness by getting contol over the body in all aspects like physically, intellectually, socially and mentally.


Combining Yoga session with your volunteer program in India is not only an appealing offer but also offers great results for career break participants.


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Family Volunteer Program

Family Volunteer Program in India is meant only for families who wish to volunteer abroad with their children and spouse. The recent results have shown that family volunteer program are rated very high among families these days as it allows bridging generation gap and differences among parents and children. If you are looking for the most satisfying vocation abroad, this program is meant just for you!

We recommend that families with children under 18 years of age look at our family volunteer program which will offer not only volunteer opportunity in India but also include some of the most enriching experiences to be enjoyed by participants of all age group.


It is short volunteer program that lasts only for a week and all the experiences included in the program are incorporated keeping in mind the comfort and convenience for the family.


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