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Gap year programs invite the largest number of participants for Active Internationals. Specializing in Youth Travel programs catering to various needs and agendas, Active Internationals stands out in the crowd of travel companies. Our exchange programs bear the ethos of our motto ‘Travel for Good’, whereby all the participants not only get a safe, enriching and enjoyable trip, but they always go back with a feeling of gratitude and self-confidence together.  A gap year doesn't necessarily have to be a 12 months long program. If yo


A gap year doesn't necessarily have to be a 12 months long program. If you have only have few days/weeks, our programs will largely meet your expectation. These exchange programs are available in both ‘Off-The-Shelf’ option or Customization. We, at Active Internationals have devised some very adaptive and intelligent programs for youth groups that can be moulded to fit a variety of requirements. Gap year programs range from two weeks to a month long schedules encompassing the heart and soul of India. All our exchange programs come under our Youth tourism India initiative.


We ensure that all the participants get to see and understand the culture of the country and simultaneously enjoy its colours, cuisines and attires. Gap year programs also ensure that specific agendas of the travellers are always met with high quality services and support. Under our Youth tourism India initiative; program like study tour, culture exchange programs, career break program are being incorporated to offer a wide range of travel opportunities to participants on Gap year programs.


In the laps of Himalayas, on the calm beaches, at the sand dunes, in the wilderness, with a group of people, on a camel, in the back waters, at the Ghat of river Ganges – India never runs out on what it has to offer. The immense variety of activities allow our programs to fit into a variety of customer’s tastes. Learning comes along the way in the trip and stirs the imagination of the participant. Variety of locations, activities, seasons, cuisines, cultures and languages makes this program a great dose of experience and learning.

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Study Tour India

Study Tour India comes under our Gap year programs. This program is made especially for foreign schools, colleges and youth associations for offering their student one the most best educational tours in India. Unlike our other programs, our study tour in India program is developed keeping in my important program outcomes for the best learning and experience for the students. 


As a first timer in India, the duration of this program is kept not too long and not too short while visiting some of the prominent destinations like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar and engaging with locals through cultural workshops, social work and getting in-hand experience of your subject of studies

Cultural workshops in India during this program plays a very important role towards the learning and understanding of new culture for foreign students. Workshops like Henna workshop, Yoga workshop, Bollywood dance workshop are conducted during the course of the program. In addition to this, sightseeing tours designed especially for students in this tour are most youthful and engaging.


Visiting local organizations related to your field of study is a Highlight of this tour. Being a student on a study tour in India is a wonderful opportunity for all young students to understand and learn more about their field of education from Indian perspective. Visiting local organizations offers practical knowledge and understanding of working in India in a specific field and sector of business.


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Culture Exchange India

Culture Exchange programs comes under our Gap year programs. Culture Exchange programs today, are the most preferred travel to India programs for the youth. Globalization has brought countries and communities of the world together and keeping pace with the ever changing cultural dynamics, Culture exchange programs help young travellers to soak in and get inspired by the new cultures around the world. 


Our culture exchange programs in India are designed for the young travellers to make the best out of their time in India. What makes India the most unique country, is its religious diversities, cultures, languages, vivid landscapes and of course; the million gods. It is impossible for a regular tourist to experience all of it in regular travel program in India. But our culture exchange India program aims at making young students from overseas to experience and explore India like a local within the duration for 2 weeks. 

Culture Exchange India programs are all inclusive programs. Your boarding, lodging, meals, transport, guides, cultural workshops, social works, resource material, orientations are all a part of this program. Active Internationals has been creating tailor made programs for different schools, colleges and youth associations to meet their specific requirements. If you are a young traveller, travelling with a group of 7-8 or more friends, this is the most recommended culture exchange program under our Youth tourism India initiative.


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India 360 Program

INDIA 360 comes under our Gap year programs. India 360 is a signature Youth travel program by Active Internationals. This program is the essence of all culture exchange possibilities, travel opportunities and responsible tours in India. With our years of experience in Youth tourism India, our India 360 program is surely one of our best creations as it offers infinite learning and exchange opportunities for young travellers.


India 360 is a 25 Days program that covers 9 destinations and 7 Indian states. The program is divided in to THREE PART that allows you to book it either for short OR long duration.


PART ONE of the program includes the major travel destinations in India along with plenty of culture exchange workshops, volunteer work opportunity and a lot of wild life encounter. Historical sites in Delhi & Agra, heritage tours and Elephant ride in Jaipur, spiritual walk along with desert camping and camel safari in desert of Pushkar, visiting a Tiger sanctuary in Ranthambore national park and volunteer opportunity in Jaipur are the highlights your first 13 days.


PART TWO of the program offers a very different perspective about India. This part includes a train journey experience, visit of Amritsar and learning more about Sikhism while visiting one of the richest temples of India; Golden temple. Later in this part, get a volunteer opportunity in Dharamshala; the seat of H.H. Dalai Lama. This is the best place in India to interact with monks and know more about Buddhism. Also, take a breathtaking trekking to Himalayas and stay overnight in the camps. Overall, this part will set a perfect tone for the next 7 days.


PART THREE of the program is the last part of India 360 program. Enjoy your time relaxing at calm beaches in Goa. Often called as the 'Party capital' of India; Goa is a perfect destination for youth. Visit of Mumbai 'Bollywood of India' come towards the end of your program. Get to learn Metro life of India in the cities like Mumbai. This part will give your glimpse of south India for the next 5 days.


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College Tour India

College Tours comes under our Gap year programs in India. College groups tours are dedicated to all educational institutions like colleges, universities, language institues, etc. With years of experiences in conducting college tours, Active Internationals has a wide range of offerings and destinations with span across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. Engagement, Social Responsibility, Safety & Content are the four pillars of our college group tours. 


In the age of learning and exchanging ideas, the finest way to be ahead of one’s counterparts is to travel and learn. It is imperative to know about the world today to be more aware and sensitive towards global issues. Active Internationals has developed an all-round academic travel program that adjusts and molds to the requirements of academic, cultural and exchange pursuits. Academic travel is a briskly growing travel choice where young traveller travels to far off countries in order to add value to their resumes. Develop cultural competence, have fun, polish skills, learn languages and develop team spirit with fellow travelers. 


India has a rich history, is an emerging country, diverse culture and countless opportunities for travellers. Many arts and sciences have their roots in India and this enormous pool of knowledge has much to offer. Architecture, culture, fine arts, history, medicine, humanities, life sciences, industry, archaeology, anthropology, food and culinary are some of the subject areas that are much sort out in India. Besides these India is a very pocket friendly country to travel when it comes to student travellers.


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Special Interest Tour

Special Interest Tours India also comes under our Gap year programs. We all travel for a reason & have distinct travel needs based on our needs & prerequisite. Special Interest tours India are special theme based programs. These programs could be self-sponsored or sponsored by travel clubs, distinct communities, group of friends or workers who always travel together.


Active Internationals brings you with their expertise on Special Interest programs, a vast array of exchange programs that will best suite your genre of travel. All these programs are customized to suit the needs of the participants and are created from scratch after detailed requirement gathering from them. Active Internationals ensures that all the career break participants have their requirements met to the best of their taste and are provided with local insights for understanding the host country in a much better way. Active Internationals has pioneered itself in organizing some of the ‘out of the box’ travel programs based on Special interests of travelers across the world.


If you have dreamt of it, Yes, Active Internationals can certainly create a program especially prepared for you keeping in your mind the distinct need & nature of your travel. We are ready for creating everything from the scratch for you. Whether your idea of travel is fun, leisure, romance, knowledge, rejuvenation or hibernation, we will keep your requirements in mind and suggest the most suitable location and activity for you. Some of the most popular Special Interest tours in India with us are - Cycling tours, Yoga & Meditation Tours, LGBT Tours and Disability Tours.


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