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As a B2B organization, we mostly work with International universities, schools, non-profit organizations, youth organizations, Responsible tourism forums and Govt. bodies.



Our programs are designed primarily for International youth coming from Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, France, United States, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Singapore, etc. 



Our programs are meant for any individual willing to contribute to our world in any way. These programs are aimed at Youth and Families travelling with their children.



Our programs are focused on the content of Social Service, Art Workshops, Culture Exchange, Industrial Training, Adventure, Responsible & Sustainable Tourism Practices. 

Active Internationals - Youth Travel Network pioneers in Safe, Responsible and Immersive programs for modern age schools, universities and institutes. To paraphrase a popular saying, ‘What’s good for the students is good for the university’, the number of students choosing to volunteer and work internationally is constantly increasing and, for this reason, it is only logical that universities would want a platform where they can find the relevant exposure and understanding for their students. This is where Active Internationals step in as it is a perfect partner to sojourn on various youthful travel programs. The team specializes in providing with content rich insights and information on various cultural exchange and youth travel opportunities to India.

Opting for a Travel Program while studying is a critical and thoughtful decision. With the most interactive and validated programs, we aspire to be the best youth travel company and help the students in every way in making their decision easier. Universities and schools can trust Active Internationals as a bridge to understand thoughts of their students’ dream destinations, point of interests and various volunteer and work opportunities to simplify the process of choosing a certain travel program.    We have a repository of various non-profit organizations, government bodies and commercial organizations that have bright opportunities for career break students. Not only do the travel programs prove to be a stronghold for a student’s career but also an experience to cherish in later moments of life. We provide a non-conventional platform for universities which focuses on delivering quality leads to enable them to choose the best travel programs for their students. The programs are not only educational but also aim at holistic exchange of ideas, thoughts, lifestyles and knowledge. With engaging indigenous workshops, community engagements and leisure travel, Study Abroad / Work Abroad programs by Active are an immersive dive into the cultural hub of the World – India.

Active Internationals is a platform for Universities, Colleges, Non-Profits, Youth Travel Organizations and students to choose from a varied range of youth travel programs ranging from volunteering opportunities to pursuing Internship abroad. We help Youth bodies to design an immersive travel program for their students keeping in mind the varied needs and demands of each and every participant.

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